An amulet is a magical object intended for protection and good luck for its wearer. Amulets also block negative energies and evil intentions.


Amulet types can include stones, religious objects, pendants, rings, plants, words or phrases, and coins. An amulet is usually a natural object used in instances of prevention. But it can also be any object that empowers and gives the owner a sense of protection.

How to Wear Amulets

Where your amulet close to your body for maximum magical benefits. Amulets can be worn as necklaces, rings, and bracelets. Keeping your amulet close will remind you of its magical powers throughout your day.

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Where to Buy Amulets

Interesting and unqiue amulets can be found in the most obscure places- from flea markets and swap meets, to earth shops and jewelry shops. One of the easiest ways to find amulets is by checking online auctions.

Here are a few of the latest ebay listings for amulets.

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Precious and Semiprecious Stones Guide

Amber- Strong protection from evil and darkness, especially in children.

Aquamarine- Love and travel protection.

Beryl- Love attraction.

Coral- Fades when death is near; Protects children.

Diamond– Repels evil men; Lucky for lovers.

Emeralds– Can help the owner see the future when paired with gold. Strengthens memory and repels evil spirits.

Garnet- Good protection; Prevents nightmares.

Jade- Protection from bad dreams. Brings good news to your life.

Moonstone- Can predict lovers future.

Onyx- Repels marriage problems.

Pearl- Good for skin and fever reduction. Welcomes tranquility.

Sapphire- Witches often favor sapphire for peaceful powers. Also good the eyes.

Topaz- Cure chest congestion. Can help locate buried treasure.

Turquise- Brings peace to marriage.