Popular Wiccan Greetings & Magical Sayings

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Popular Wiccan Greetings & Magical Sayings

Witch greetings

Top Wiccan Greetings and Magical Sayings

The exact meaning of the wiccan sayings varies from each individual. Here are some of the most popular wiccan sayings.

Blessed Be: The traditional equivalent of ‘Take care’, ‘Good Luck’, ‘Bless You’, ‘Goodness!’, ‘Well Wishes’. Popularized by the 1996 supernatural witch movie, “The Craft”. Experienced witches refrain from overusing this phrase as it refers to the sacred five-fold kiss.

Bright Blessings: Similar to ‘Blessed Be’ and often used in terms of wishing one well or spreading cheer.

Love & Light: Used by many witches and magical workers to announce their understanding and acceptance of love and healing.

Moot: The meeting or gathering of witches or magical workers.

Merry Meet/Part: Refers to the membership of a group. Can be used as a standard greeting ‘hello/goodbye’.

Namaste: A traditional Hindu greeting often used by healers and light workers.

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