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Return of a Lover – Easy LOVE SPELL

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The Earthy Witch on May 31, 2013 - 8:27 am in Love Spells, Spells

Those who are recently separated will find this love spell beneficial to assist with the return of a lover. Relationships are difficult, and not every couple is meant to be together. Before attempting this love spell, ask yourself if you are the right person for this spell. While simple, it packs a powerful punch. Remember, not all couples are meant to be together, and by getting what you want today, you could be preventing what you might find tomorrow. Do not ask, unless you are ready to receive.

You will need:

  • 1 RED mini candle and matches
  • 1 photo of your lover
  • a quiet place


Find a quiet spot outside where you will not be disturbed. With the palm of your hand, smooth a section of soil into a glass bowl, and plant the end of your candle into the mound of earth. Visualize the new start to your relationship as you build the foundation of your candle base. Firmly pat the soil,  stabilizing the candle. Close your eyes and take three slow breaths as you hold your lover’s photo in your hands. Light the candle and calmly speak your request as you gaze at the photo in your hands. Allow your candle to burn itself all the way down, signifying the completion of your love spell. Mini candles work best, as they burn quickly, and come in a variety of colors, making them perfect for magic spells. Amazon has 2 sets of 11 Spell Mini-candles (22 Candles)  for around $10.

Remember, you are beautiful and loved in many ways. If this is one, then the fate of your love will soon find you. If it is not the one, comfort you shall find.

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