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Witch Cloaks in Magic

Witch Robes

Witch Cloaks In Magic

Why do witches wear cloaks and robes? Witch cloaks can be used for performing special ceremonies such as weddings and blessings. High priests and priestesses often change the color of their robes to coordinate with the seasons. Some covens elect to choose one color of robe for all members of the group. The color of cord can sometimes denote the magical level obtained by a witch. A similar method is used for the belt ranking of martial arts.

Here are some other ideas for witch cloaks.

-Cloaks and pagan robes are less of a distraction than street clothes. Tight, restrictive clothing can make it very difficult to focus. Cloaks offer a magical worker an opportunity to allow energy to flow more effectively.

-Hooded cloaks are often preferred by witches who work in groups or distracting environments. The hood may help eliminate distractions and improve concentration.

-Charms and symbols have always been important in witchcraft because they help facilitate communication of a concept. Adorn your cloak or robe with charms which serve as symbols for the subject of your ritual.

-Think about the color, size, and location of cords on witch cloaks. A cord wrapped around the waist can also carry anthames, crystals, charms, and other spell items.

-Some witches choose not to wear underwear with their robes. In some covens, the robe serves as a cover-up for the modest witches who would rather not go skyclad. Skip the underwear and you’ll experience a less restrictive witchcraft ritual.

Witch cloaks are a fun way to to elevate your magical work!


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